DMCC, Foretell & Dubai Gold Advisory Group is glad to announce the dates of the 3rd edition of Dubai Precious Metals Conference on 6-7 April 2014, Dubai. The theme for 2014 is "Engaging with Africa" & towards this a host of panel discussions , master class sessions & deliberations are planned covering very important topics concerning the region & the world markets.
Mr Richard Samuels - The Royal Mint, said " It has been a fantastic development. There are around 50% more delegates than last year and another 20 more countries representing. So it is a fantastic achievement. I think over the years it will grow and become more and more successful. So I am glad that we are part of this from the very beginning ".
The 2013 conference had a perfect balance of industry participants enabling business opportunities & fruitful networking. 2013 conference saw more than 30 expert speakers, delegates in excess of 330, 15+ exhibitors from more than 20 countries across the value chain. Refiners from more than 12 countries, bullion banks from 8+ countries, suppliers from 15+ countries was a perfect mix for a successful business & networking platform.
According to Mr. Prithviraj Kothari, MD, Riddisiddhi Bullion Ltd. "It is an excellent conference. I have come for the first time. There is gathering of 340 participants around the world. Foretell Business Solutions Ltd. and DMCC have done excellent job."
True to its location, Dubai Precious Metals Conference has launched itself on the global platform & definitely the most-awaited annual bullion conference. Mark your dates & be sure to join us on 6 - 7 April 2014 in Dubai.
Mr Frederic Panizzutti, CEO, MKS Precious Metals DMCC said "It is a great event. The quality of the speakers is exceptional this year. I can see the conference is very well attended and we are very excited about listening to all these panels ".

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