20-21 November 2023


Driving the new responsible sourcing and mining framework

Our first panel will focus on identifying and activating a new framework for responsible sourcing and mining of precious metals. Key points of discussion will look towards the promotion of the upstream value chain acting responsibly, the role of technology in mining, investments in social development, and convergence on the gold industry’s sustainability objectives. Challenges regarding onsite due diligence and supply chain risks will also be other avenues of discussion during this panel.

Panel 2

Precious metals in a dynamic trade environment

Our second panel will delve into the factors shaping today’s dynamic trade environment, in which trade flows are increasingly shifting east, namely through the BRICS expansion and bilateral trade agreements including the UAE’s CEPAs with key markets such as India and Indonesia. Looking closer at the MENA region, the conversation will shift towards the recent trends shaping physical flows to and from Turkey. We will also discuss how supply chains are being influenced by policy development in multiple mining countries, and how the physical trade of precious metals may shift towards settlements in other commodities or non-dollar currencies.

Panel 3

Market trends: From gold finance to tokenisation and beyond

Our third panel will take a look at the latest market trends from gold finance to tokenisation. There will be questions around whether gold tokenisation will unleash Africa’s wealth and if either privately managed tokens certified by trusted third-party or tokens issued by incumbent government will succeed. The discussion will also look to connect the innovation of tokenisation with new opportunities it is likely to create in areas such as vaulting. We will also discuss how the gold market is set to evolve with increasing utility value of gold and its influence on price.